Cloud is no longer a trend, but almost commodity

Graef: Satya Nadella has already begun in 2014 with the battle cry “cloud first, mobile first”. So far, this creed was to be heard again and again at every event. Not so at this year’s Ignite. Meanwhile, Microsoft no longer sees itself only as a precursor to the cloud, but has made it clear that it no longer comes to the tools and platforms, but to empower people to realize their ideas and communicate with each other. That this cloud solutions can best succeed, according to Microsoft, is already mandatory and thus continue the strategic thrust. The central Announcements on the Ignite were therefore clearly focused on cloud. Almost only in the subordinate clause OnPremises new versions of Windows Server, SQL, Skype for Business were

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What does this mean for Axians?

Graf: For several years Axians assists companies in their move to the cloud. Here, customers want today less and less a pure implementation performance, but a counselor at her side. Change management is becoming increasingly important, because one of the biggest challenges is the usage behavior of the employees in dealing with the new solutions. The company that installed the complete IT to the cloud is not a myth but a reality. However, hybrid scenarios are more the rule.

As a US company Microsoft is sometimes critical view when it comes to the issue of data protection. Against this background, a cooperation with T-Systems has been received as a data trustee. How would you describe this cooperation and evaluate?

Graf: The German cloud has managed to get into the cloud discussion in Germany Microsoft. The construction of a German cloud in cooperation with T-Systems has finally shown unlike some thought. The price played for many companies but then a bigger role than the location of the data in Germany. In addition, significant technical limitations were found in the German cloud. We ourselves have very few customers who have the solution preferred to the conventional Office 365 offering. Especially since Microsoft just mentioned with regard to the EU DSGVO, in English also GDPR, has significantly refilled. With recent innovations such as multi-Geolocations for OneDrive, Exchange and SharePoint international companies also can react without much ado to country-specific data protection laws. In the Trust Center Microsoft offers a wide range of information about the structure of one of the local data protection laws compliant environments. A partner with security expertise can greatly assist here.

Microsoft, collaboration and cloud – how to bring these three terms in the form of solutions in Axians together?

Graf: The answer is very clear Office 365. The cloud platform from Microsoft and its many tools a solution that not only brings people together, but also makes them more effective. We see at Axians as our mission – to discuss what solutions are appropriate for them and how they subsequently also use them effectively in order to improve cooperation companies. As part of the collaboration projects developed in-house solutions have been developed based on experience and customer requirements, which significantly accelerate migration and safer. Third party, such as Nintex, AvePoint or dox42, complete the offer at the points where Microsoft still has catching up to do.

How do you rate the general trend towards the cloud?

Graef: Cloud is no longer a trend, but almost Commodity and become the trailblazer for effective business collaboration. Even their individual capacity or someone can not claim that it does not use cloud services and that also applies to many companies – even if it previously only Micro Services are. It is interesting how much shadow IT is promoted on closer inspection revealed. The use of cloud solutions in the collaboration environment is no longer a question of whether the step is daring, but when. Especially the flexibility at the present time makes this construct so attractive for businesses. Hardly any IT manager would have to give a five-year forecast of staff development for the procurement of Office licenses. In addition, the cloud solution offers a number of tools and features, such as teams.

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