One step closer to the multi-cloud

Is how it should have resulted in a PwC study, migrated the majority of current on-premises workloads over the next three years in a public cloud, then, as Juniper Networks, organizations must implement comprehensive multi-cloud strategies because workloads would litigated increasingly distributed across IT environments.

“The promise of multi-cloud: It provides a secure, comprehensive, reliable and interchangeable infrastructure, in which the migration of workloads is simple and intuitive,” said Bikash Koley, chief technology officer of Juniper. Ensure that information can be successful in this shift towards multi-cloud, it is extremely important that companies look not only at the data center and the public cloud, but also the access via their campus and branch networks. Otherwise, they would have to deal with fragmented security and operating in the network limits a seamless end-to-end visibility and control prevented.

The extended Juniper offering for data center, campus, branch and cloud it allow companies to migrate to a multi-cloud architecture – tailored to their speed. They could use expansion and refresh activities to meet their current requirements.

Data center

companies to use the data center solutions of Juniper update their data centers, expand or consolidate, and can prepare their IT environment to a secure and automated multi-cloud. These include:

The Switch QFX10002-60C with 60x100GbE-deep buffer interfaces, (DCI) can be used as Spine- or as an edge device for a data center interconnection according to the manufacturer,

the 64x100GbE port Spine switch QFX5210-64C,

the top-of-rack switch QFX5200-48Y with 48 native 25GbE interfaces,

the QFX-MACsec line cards that offer According to Juniper, together with the modular QFX10000 switches 30-port 100 GbE connectivity for encrypted traffic within and between data centers ,


According to Juniper campus networks will play an integral role in multi-cloud security and operation. Therefore, the company expands its campus portfolio with the following solutions:

May be the cloud management service Sky Enterprise, implemented with the switching and security devices, configured and managed, is to enable the operator to reduce the error rate by up to 90 percent. For managing the campus and branch networks, a web dashboard am available. Integration with Aerohive Hive Manager NG API offers the necessary visibility into wireless access points.

The switches EX2300 and EX4300 offer the manufacturer Multigig interfaces and support MACsec. So be safe migration possible in the cloud. The switch EX9250 is a compact campus core, the company can provide various fabric management options available, as it would support means EVPN Fabric both Layer 2 and Layer third


Juniper has equipped its solutions for branch offices with software functions for control of applications and security policies:

The network services platform NFX150 combine native security and Hyrid WAN for branch offices with wireless 4G and -LTE networking between offices. It was designed as an extensible platform and can virtual network functions (VNF) integrate third-party.

The SD-WAN solution Juniper Contrail collates SRX and NFX series with the necessary platform and orchestration software for multi cloud-enabled SD WANs. A new subscription pricing model clubs different physical and virtual endpoint options with secure SD WAN management.


The cloud connectivity solution from Juniper combined onboarding services with virtual endpoints (vSRX Virtual Firewall or VMX virtual router) available for AWS and Azure. Thus, the setup for a secure IPsec connection between the data center, campus and branch networks, and Virtual Private Clouds (VPC) let put automated. With this solution, companies can choose between different options, including Cloud Formations, Terra Forms or ansible playbooks. The Juniper vSRX Virtual Firewall enables security within

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